How long does your pita bread last?

We recommend eating our pita bread within two weeks.

What do I eat your pita bread with?

We love them dipped in olive oil or as sandwiches. Any way you want to eat them is up to you!

Can I return your products?

We accept returns if your product is damaged upon arrival.

Are your pita products gluten free?

At this time, we do not have any gluten free pita.

Are your pitas made in a facility that also contains nuts?

Yes, they are.

How is Woodfire Pita Chips different?

Our pita chips are extremely thin and crunchy, made out of authentic pita bread, healthy oven baked and flavored with unique tastes such as Meditternean herbs Zaa'tar.

Can I carry your product in my store?

Please reach out to us at info@woodfirebrands.com to discuss details on how to carry our products in your store or area.

How can I get Woodfire pita bread & chips?

1. Order online

 2. Stop by to our retail outlet at 303 mill st Vienna VA 22180 

 3. Buy through our preferred retail partners